This Election, Vote Against Every Amendment

Politicians have placed dishonest amendments on our ballot. It’s up to We The People to vote against all six.

Don't Give Politicians a Blank Check to Hurt North Carolinians

The N.C. General Assembly has approved six constitutional amendments to appear at the end of the 2018 General Election ballot. Each will include a short caption (“constitutional amendment”) and ballot language set by lawmakers. Voters will be asked to vote ‘FOR’ or ‘AGAINST’ each amendment.

The six vaguely-written proposed constitutional amendments are a bad deal for North Carolinians. They range from unnecessary (enshrining the right to hunt and fish) and flawed (a costly change to victim's rights laws) to dangerous (giving the current legislature more control of the judiciary, elections, who bears the state’s tax burden, and what photo ID voters will need in order to vote).


The six amendments -- written by politicians in secret – would make sweeping and permanent changes to our state’s most important legal document. A growing number of bipartisan voices are criticizing the amendments as a political power grab and a bad deal for working North Carolinians. Don’t give politicians a “blank check” so they can fill in the details later: Vote against all six.

All voters have a chance to decide the fate of these amendments this fall. Voting AGAINST the amendments not only sends a strong message that we deserve better, but also provides us with an opportunity to begin working for something better. It's our turn to set the course for policies in our state and unite against more efforts to hurt North Carolinians.

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